DC3 Action Plan

The DC3 participants foster joint efforts aimed at:

  • Making Community Networks (CN) visible to policy makers so they can be properly considered as an actor in the telecommunications ecosystem.
  • Identifying good open-access resources that may be useful to communicate to non-techies what CN are and how they work;
  • Mapping existing CN and try to foster communication amongst them, promoting strategies to achieve common goals;
  • Identifying models of CN (e.g. rural CN, urban CN, etc.) and best practices that can make them particularly efficient and resilient both from a technical and organizational perspective;
  • Identifying best practices and worst practices as regards national and international policies that facilitate or hinder the deployment of community networks.
  • Consolidating and publishing these ideas into some ‘Community Network Guidelines/Best practices’ to be presented at the next IGF and divulgated on the future DC3 website.
  • Supporting CN gatherings and hands-on work meetings at a regional and global level.
  • Addressing common technology development needs, from identifying technological bottlenecks to helping find the resources needed to solve them in a manner that will be beneficial to the sector as a whole.
  • Developing a framework for easy access to promote the deployment of CN in remote areas.